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Things you should know before hiring a charter boat

Do Some Research

What you want to catch dictates were you want to go and fish. Once you decide where you want to go, find out what charter boats are in the area. Read magazines, get on line and put some time in to find out all you can about your options.
When you have a couple of possibilities

Call them up
Drop them an email
Ask them questions
Not just “how much is it?”
But “what is the best time to come?
What fish are in season?
What type of tackle do you have on board and in what classes?
​Can the weather stop you going out?

Is the skipper Transport Canada Certified?
​Is the boat registered with Transport Canada?
Without the "C" number most likely you are ​not covered with proper insurance
Does the boat display the Transport Canada compliance blue decal?

What about beginners?
Can you put me in touch with a couple of previous clients?
What types of fishing can you offer?

Try to find out if they are a serious charter boat with good equipment, a good crew and they know what they are doing!

If you can, talk to the skipper before you go out. Tell him/her what you would like to catch, your level of experience and if you would prefer calmer waters or are happy to corkscrew all day if the fish are there.

You are out there to have fun, not sit in a corner looking green and feeling miserable. If you start to feel unwell, tell the crew ! Here in Sooke, we can always move to calmer waters.

A good charter boat will take your wishes into consideration when deciding how and where to fish.

When you step aboard​​​

​​​Listen to the safety briefing.

It’s not just done to fulfill Maritime Safety regulations
It will also give you information about that particular boat, where emergency items are stored, where you can sit and where you should not go or sit during cruising for safety reasons.

​​Talk to the skipper or deckie. Ask questions like “what do I do when a rod goes off? And how do I do it?”

​​We always establish the experience of our guests and we tell you what to do and show you how to do it. The last thing the deckie or the skipper wants is to lose a fish because of simple confusion on the deck.